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Together with a Creative Team, the Local Leader manages and activates the community to transform Creativity in oxygen to your city!

Are you ready to be a Local Leader?

What is the
World Creativity Day?

In 2017, the 21st of April was officially recognized by the UN as being the world creativity and innovation day.

Through our platform we activate and connect communities around the world to promote and celebrate the creativity through free activities.

We select and train Local Leaders that are responsible for organizing a special program for each city that will happen at the day of the event. They must coordinate Hosts, Inspirators and volunteers to setup the best schedule possible.

What is being
a local leader

Local leaders are responsible for making World Creativity Day happen in a unique and creative way. So your job is to assemble and coordinate a multidisciplinary team to plan and execute all activities during the WCD! Use your creativity in an inspiring way and be part of the Creative Revolution!

What are the benefits                            
for the community?

Creativity is capable of generating increased life points, which encourages openness to change and the search for problem solving. Creative cities have higher development rates, allowing innovation to be part of everyday life in society.

How it works

Access the WCD Registration Area by clicking here, or via the button below.

When you submit your data, you automatically enter the Local Leader selection process.

The WCD National Council selects Local Leaders, who will receive the Local Leader Manual and the necessary documentation for event happen.

You start activating your community and organizing WCD in your city, spreading the word of Creativity.

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